Tom Hanks Just Released His Own Line of Coffee—and He’s Donating All the Profits to Veterans

    Tom Hanks’ coffee may be the best gift for the holidays this season.

    Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved figures in entertainment. He’s been in movies for decades, entertaining us in timeless heartwarming classics such as Big and Forrest Gump, and he’s also known to be just a really nice guy. But now there’s a Tom Hanks coffee to make us love him even more, and it’s for an amazing cause.

    What Is Hanx?

    The new Tom Hanks coffee line is shooting to the top of our list of favorite coffee brands. It’s called Hanx For Our Troops, and it’s more than a delicious cup of brew. They’re among the food companies that donate to charity—except they take it a step further by donating 100% of their proceeds. Yep, you heard that right!

    This brand will support the veterans’ community in the most fragrant and delicious of ways. It’s doing so by partnering with veterans organizations such as the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Headstrong, Hire Heroes USA, and Student Veterans of America.

    But buying this coffee is more than a great cause, it’s also going to be a great cup of coffee. Of course, we all have our favorite types of coffee, and to cater to everyone, this line is available in three blends: First Class Joe, available in medium and dark versions, Sgt. Peppermint and Tom’s Morning Magic Blend. And it doesn’t matter what kind of brewer you use for your coffee, because you can get it as coffee grounds, coffee pods and even coffee sticks. So no matter where you go, you can get your cuppa joe in the morning.

    Don’t forget to pick up our favorite at-home coffee products for the perfect brew.

    How Can I Get Hanx Coffee?

    You can order Hanx for Our Troops from, and all blends are available to start shipping before the holidays in December. In a way, it’ll be like Tom Hanks is playing barista at your holiday get-togethers!

    Copycat Coffee Shop Drink Recipes You’ll Love

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    Frothy Cafe Bombon

    I discovered this layered java beverage during my honeymoon in Spain. —Keri Hesemann, St. Charles, Missouri

    Easy Spiced Morning Mocha

    This recipe is a delicious morning pick-me-up and still tastes great when made with low-fat milk.—Vicki Wright, Omaha, Nebraska

    Coffee With Cinnamon And Cloves Exps90343 Thhc2236536b05 26 9bc Rms 7

    Coffee with Cinnamon and Cloves

    A quick-and-easy, fall-flavored coffee made with instant granules. What’s not to love about this special beverage? —Jill Garn, Charlotte, Michigan

    Creamy Caramel Mocha

    You can easily indulge in a coffeehouse-quality drink at home anytime. With whipped cream and a butterscotch drizzle, this mocha treat will perk up even the sleepiest person at the table. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Comforting Coffee Milk

    This recipe is special to me because the delicious ingredients and flavors speak for themselves without those extra preservatives. Now that’s refreshing! —Brenda Schrag, Farmington, New Mexico

    Exps172424 Sd153208d08 12 1b 2

    Holiday Peppermint Mocha

    Make spirits bright with a minty mocha to share under the mistletoe or around the piano. I’ve also stirred in coffee liqueur instead of peppermint. —Lauren Brien-Wooster, South Lake Tahoe, California

    Creamy Irish Coffee Exps165154 Th2379807c11 02 5bc Rms 7

    Creamy Irish Coffee

    My maternal grandma seldom drank more than a glass of champagne at Christmas, but she couldn’t resist my Creamy Irish Coffee. —Rebecca Little, Park Ridge, Illinois

    Mocha Morning Drink

    When I’m sipping this delicious coffee, I almost feel like I’m visiting my favorite coffeehouse. —Jill Rodriguez, Gonzales, Louisiana

    Caramel-Chai Tea Latte

    Inspired by the spicy chai drinks served at coffee shops, I whipped up a caramel-drizzled latte I can enjoy at home anytime. —Katelyn Kelly, Perryville, Maryland

    Exps41533 Hsc133238b07 17 2b Web 4

    Viennese Coffee

    This isn’t your regular cup of Joe! Dress it up with chocolate, whipped cream and more, making it a drink to savor! —Sharon Delaney-Chronis, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hazelnut Mocha Smoothies Exps Cmz18 40059 B10 27 4b 3

    Hazelnut Mocha Smoothies

    This smooth blend of coffee, cocoa and nutty flavors is better than any coffeehouse version we’ve tried. Try it, and we’re sure you will agree. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Exps42991 Sd1440074d42b Web 5

    Iced Coffee Latte

    This amazing alternative to regular hot coffee is much more economical than store-bought coffee drinks. Sweetened condensed milk and a hint of chocolate lend a special touch. —Heather Nandell, Johnston, Iowa

    Coconut Lover’s Frappe

    I love frozen beverages, so I wanted to create one similar to those in coffee shops but without coffee as an ingredient. When I drink this frosty treat it’s as good as any specialty shop drink but without the hassle or the cost. —Emily Semmelrock, Jewett City, Connecticut

    Sweet Kahlua Coffee Exps Scbz18 43484 B06 26 4b 2

    Sweet Kahlua Coffee

    I have this beverage brewing in my slow cooker at my annual Christmas open house. I set out the whipped cream and grated chocolate in festive dishes so guests can help themselves to as much Kahlua-flavored coffee as they’d like.—Ruth Gruchow, Yorba Linda, California

    Frosty Caramel Cappuccino Exps Ft20 23509 F 0923 1 8

    Frosty Caramel Cappuccino

    This frothy iced cappuccino is positively delicious for breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack or an after-dinner dessert. It’s also a great quick treat to serve with a plate of cookies for the holidays. To make the ice cream topping easier to drizzle, put it in a squeeze bottle, take the cap off and microwave for a few seconds. —Carol Mann, Summerfield, Florida

    Honey Spiced Latte Exps43412 Trc2776781b05 31 3b Rms 9

    Honey Spiced Latte

    We combine rich molasses, golden honey and a host of spices to create this warm and comforting beverage.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Exps133924 Thca2180111d03 03 4b Web 6

    Hazelnut Coffee

    The blend of flavors—coffee, hazelnut and a bit of chocolate—makes this drink absolutely sensational. It is delightful for breakfast or brunch, or serve it as one of your beverage offerings at a cocktail or dinner party. —Frieda Bliesner, McAllen, Texas

    Exps46569 Sd1999444a06 28 1bc Web 2

    Irish Cream Coffee

    A steaming cup of this Irish cream coffee makes the perfect pick-me-up any time of day. Try experimenting with other liqueurs or creamers to give each cup new life. —Carol Fate, Waverly, Illinois

    Hot Ginger Coffee

    I like to sit by the fire and sip this coffee on a cold winter day. It’s a wonderful warmup after shoveling snow, skiing, skating or snowmobiling. —Audrey Thibodeau, Gilbert, Arizona

    Iced Coffee

    When my sister introduced me to iced coffee, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Not only did I love it, but I decided to start making my own iced coffee recipe. This easy version is a refreshing alternative to hot coffee. —Jenny Reece, Lowry, Minnesota

    Cinnamon Mocha Coffee Exps19108 Hr2739870c04 05 3bc Rms 4

    Cinnamon Mocha Coffee

    Most store-bought flavored coffees are expensive. Here’s a special early-morning beverage you can make at home. The aroma of cinnamon and cocoa makes this mocha coffee hard to resist. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Cappuccino Punch

    When I tried this punch at a friend’s wedding shower, I had to have the recipe. Guests will eagerly gather around the punch bowl when you ladle out this frothy mocha ice cream drink. —Rose Reich, Nampa, Idaho

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