10 tips to make the most of your air purifier

    10 tips to make the most of your air purifier

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    Simon Sage

    April 20, 2023 4:00PM

    If you’re looking to keep your home free of pollen, dander, and other airborne particulates, you’ll want to invest in a smart air purifier this spring. These devices make it easy to combat seasonal allergies and ensure you’re breathing healthy air throughout the entire year.

    To help you make the most out of your air purifier, here are some tips and tricks to extend the life of your device and eliminate as many pollutants as possible. Of course, your results will vary widely by product. And if you need some help finding the right one for your home, be sure to check out our list of the best air purifiers of 2023.

    Tech news When should you use an air purifier?

    tech news Sleeping to the soothing sound of an air purifier.

    You can safely run an air purifier at any time of day or night. The only real concern with running an air purifier at night is the noise. If you’re finding your air purifier to be especially loud, check the filter, as it may be due for a change. The additional white noise may actually help lull you to sleep. Many air purifiers also offer settings meant to reduce noise so you can run them overnight.

    Tech news How long should you run an air purifier a day?

    Air purifiers can and should be run all the time. Particles don’t take breaks. Outdoor pollutants will continually seep into your home, even with rigorous sealing, so having an air purifier on to filter them out on an ongoing basis is beneficial. There’s nothing stopping you from turning it off to save money, but ideally, you’ll be running your air purifiers throughout most of the day.

    Tech news How much power does an air purifier use?

    Speaking of money, you’ll be glad to know air purifiers use up minimal power, especially if you get one with Energy Star certification. The final added costs will depend on which particular air purifier you’re using and the cost of electricity in your area. You can expect to use around 375 kilowatt-hours per year if you’re running it all day, every day. With average electrical rates in America around $0.10/kWh, you’re looking at ballpark costs of $37 per year.

    Tech news Should I sleep with my air purifier on?

    Allergens can interrupt sleep with coughing and sneezing, so an air purifier can potentially make a difference. An air purifier can be particularly effective during spring when pollen can be especially harsh on asthma sufferers. Clinical studies have shown that air purification can help asthmatics in particular while sleeping.

    Tech news How long does it take for an air purifier to clean a room?

    It can take between 30 minutes to 4 hours to purify the air in a room, depending on its size and the air purifier you’re using. Allergens and dust will likely flow back into the room whenever the purifier is off, so it’s necessary to keep it running if you want to keep the local air as clean as possible. Air purifiers often come with room-size ratings, and you can optimize their performance by sticking to those guidelines and not placing them in a room that’s too big for them to handle.

    Tech news Do air purifiers cool the air?

    Air purifiers pull in air to push through their filters, but ultimately don’t create cooling or heating effects in the room. You’ll still need a good old-fashioned fan or air conditioner unit for full climate control. The Dyson fan proves to be the exception to the rule, and you may be able to find other hybrid devices that include heating or cooling options in addition to air filtration.

    Tech news Does an air purifier dry the air?

    An air purifier does not make the air around it dry. That would require a condensation coil like you would see in most dehumidifiers. Similarly, air purifiers don’t humidify the air either. However, it is possible to buy models that include a humidifier. Bundling these functions can save you from having to manage a second air quality appliance.

    Tech news Do air purifiers create ozone?

    Some models purify the air using a mechanism called ionization. This electrifies the air running through the purifier to pull out particles. In the process, this indirectly binds oxygen molecules together to form an ozone. Even in low amounts, ozone is unhealthy to have in the home. Ozone can cause inflammation in the respiratory system, so be sure to avoid these models. Check any given purifier’s feature list to see if it mentions ozone, ionization, or activated oxygen.

    Tech news Do air purifiers stop viruses?

    Using an air purifier in conjunction with other means can help prevent airborne viruses from spreading within enclosed spaces. It’s worth reiterating that it’s not a foolproof deterrent in and of itself, and that air purifiers should be used with other best practices.

    Tech news Do air purifiers remove smells?

    In addition to pet hair, dander, mold spores, and dust mites, air purifiers also clean odors from the air. In particular, you’ll want to make sure you’re using an activated carbon filter. The standard HEPA filters can help, but smells typically originate with organic compounds, and activated carbon filters are better suited to capturing them.

    Hopefully, we’ve been able to help answer some of your questions about how to use an air purifier. Getting the most out of one takes a little bit of adjusting, but at the end of the day, you and your family will be breathing better. See our list of the best air purifiers to find one that will work for your home.

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    Best air purifier deals for January 2023

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    Everyone deserves to have clean, fresh-smelling air in their home. No one likes the stale, almost mildewy smell of old air, or allergens floating around. Allergies certainly don’t take a break, but air purifiers can help. Interest in air purifiers is especially high as concerns about the COVID-19 the pandemic refuse to quit. Greater demand has had a beneficial effect in that there are now more types and models of air purifiers than ever before. Some models from Dyson, Honeywell, Dreo, Winix, and others not only capture fine dust but also function as coolers and/or heaters and reduce odors. Air purifiers can also clear the air of pet dander, fur, mold spores, pollen, and airborne contaminants invisible to the naked eye, such as secondhand smoke. We’ve gathered the best air purifier deals going on right now. You can check out our top picks below!
    Today’s best air purifier deals
    Honeywell InSight HEPA air purifier — $170, was $290

    This  purifier is small enough to be used on a tabletop, but also big enough to sit on the floor. So, it’s excellent for any bedroom, office, or small living space. It can clean up to 500 square-feet, up to 4.8 times per hour, delivering more fragrant and fresh-smelling air. The HEPA R filter removes particles larger than 0.3 microns, including smoke, pollen, hair, dander, and odors. Touch controls on the top make it easy to make adjustments, plus there are four cleaning levels with an auto mode and an easy-glance air quality indicator.

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    Best air conditioner deals for January 2023

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    It’s been a cold and dreary winter, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want or even need air conditioning in the months to come. If you work from home, you know air conditioning for temperature and humidity control are more important than ever. Studies show air-conditioned spaces create more conducive working environments. Air conditioning keeps you cool, comfortable, and in a good mood, but it also protects your electronics from overheating. Keeping yourself perfectly cool doesn’t have to involve burning through your savings. The best air conditioner deals will save you money and keep you cool, if you can find them. Top-rated models from leading manufacturers like LG, Frigidaire, and Honeywell are on sale, including portable air conditioners and window-mounted units. There are also Wi-Fi connected models for the modern smart home. Tracking down the best offers can be a little tricky, so we’ve rounded up all the best air conditioner sales right here. You can check out our top picks below, and rest assured, these are the best offers out there!
    Best air conditioner deals
    Frigidaire FFRA062WAE Window-Mounted Air Conditioner — $207, was $249

    This Frigidaire is a 6000BTU machine that can cool a 250-square-foot space. It can let you set up a fairly customized routine, with three fans and a timer. You can set it to turn on at a certain time of day, so you won’t waste electricity while you’re gone at work, but also won’t have a super hot room when you get back. It’s fairly quiet too, so it won’t keep you awake or startle you when it kicks on.

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    Save money on your utility bills with these smart home gadgets

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    Smart home gadgets can do more than respond to voice commands or automate your household — they can also save you money. It might require a hefty initial investment, but once your smart home is up and running, it’s not uncommon to see big reductions across most of your utility bills. If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks every month, here are some easy ways to save money with smart home devices.
    Upgrade to a smart thermostat

    Arguably the best way to save money on your energy bills is by switching to a smart thermostat. These come in all shapes and sizes, but your best bet is to spring for a premium model that offers advanced learning capabilities — such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Products in this category give you the best control of your HVAC system, as they’ll actively monitor your usage and suggest ways to be more efficient.

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